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44 linear feet of materials from 1914 to 1988

From its inception as the University Farm, the University of California’s campus at Davis has attempted to reach beyond academic borders and assist practicing farmers with their crops. Collection materials include pest control and research done on insects and parasites: their behavior, classification, structure, physiology, and ecology, especially as they impact food production. Several collections document various aspects of insecticide development and use in California agriculture. Entomological organizations and professional associations also fall into this collecting area.

All of the materials in this collection area are in the English language. Although the focus is on pests affecting California agriculture, some materials include international concerns. For materials relating to the history of bees and beekeeping, see collections under the Apiculture subject heading; relevant materials can also be found under the subject headings of Agriculture and Food Processing and Manufacture.


  • Annereaux, Ralph (1904-1986). Papers.

    Material regarding malaria and parasites in California. California State Parasitologist
  • Bailey, Stanley F. (1906-1981). Papers.

    Correspondence to researchers and growers regarding the control of croppests, as well as manuscripts of some of his writings, including severalon thrips. Professor of Entomology, University of California, Davis (1930-1968).
  • Bohart, Richard M. (1913-2007). Papers.

    Biographical materials, writings, research materials, and correspondencewith researchers, growers, and museums regarding the control ofmosquitoes and other pests, loans and identifications of specimens,publications, and other topics. Professor of Entomology, University of California, Davis (1946-1979).
  • California Association of the American Registry of Professional Entomologists. Records

    Organizational records related to the foundation and operations of the California Association of the American Registry of Professional Entomologists. Includes correspondence, membership records, financial records, bylaws, brochures, newsletters, and photographs. A voluntary, non-profit association of California resident members of the American Registry of Professional Entomologists whose purpose was to enhance the contributions of professional entomologists to the people of California and to society.
  • Carey, James R. Papers.

    Manuscript of The 1989-90 medfly outbreak in Southern California: a chronology of newspaper clippings, letters, memos and testimonies (1990). Professor of Entomology, University of California, Davis.
  • Cothran, Warren R. Papers

    Several of his articles as well as his course materials for Entomology 104. Also included are 35mm color slides that Cothran photographed and used for the plant ecology unit of his Entomology 104 course. The majority of the slides were taken in California with several images from New York, Arizona, and Mexico. Professor of Entomology, University of California, Davis (1968-1980).
  • DeBach, Paul H. (1914-1992). Papers.

    Research notes, background data, manuscripts, reprints, project plans, progress reports, and correspondence relating to DeBach's pioneering work in the field of integrated pest management and the biological control of pests and weeds. Professor of Entomology, University of California, Riverside.
  • Dorman, Steve. Collection.

    Material about the med fly in Santa Clara County, California. Archivist of the Entomological Society of America, Pacific Branch.
  • Douglas, James Russell (1912-1980). Correspondence.

    Letters relating to the use of chemical insecticides such as DDT and the effects of the chemicals on cattle and domestic animals. Professor of Parasitology, University of California, Davis (1946-1973).
  • Duffey, S. S. (Sean) (1943-1997). Papers.

    Research material, publications by Duffey Professor of Entomology, University of California, Davis (1976-1997). His research program focused on chemical ecology and his efforts ranged widely over the interactions involving chemicals, plants, and insects.