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BIBFLOW Team Meeting – UC Davis

The entire BIBFLOW team met at the UC Davis Library, June 17th and 18th to kick-off the active phase of the project. This first, official, all-team meeting had two primary foci: 1) to flesh out the conceptual focus of the project; and 2) to establish workflows and a set of common practices for all team members in order to insure efficient and effective collaboration.

On the conceptual front, the team considered the project’s main question, “What does the adoption of BIBFRAME mean to technical services workflow in an academic library?” and quickly determined that it made the most sense to think about the problem as one of migration to Linked Data in the abstract, using BIBFRAME as the experimental testbed, rather than focusing specifically on a BIBFRAME transition. (A full list of the questions considered at the meeting can be found in the Research Questions section of the site.)

We had an extremely productive first meeting, and the project is now in full swing. Check back often for updates and incremental findings. You can also sign up for our RSS feed and follow us on Twitter at @BIBFLOW. We actively welcome community input throughout the grant process as a means of developing the best road-map for bringing research libraries into the Linked Data universe.




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