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Featured Maps! World War II

Theme for the week: World War II

February 11 – March 1, 2019

World War II is the deadliest conflict in human history, with tens of millions of deaths, most of whom were civilians in the Soviet Union and China. Besides these fatalities and casualties, the war destroyed infrastructure, included genocide and massacres, caused starvation and disease, and introduced nuclear weapons to warfare.  In Europe, the Allies fought the Axis on the ground on two fronts, as well as an air war above the Mediterranean and Middle East. In the Pacific, the Allies fought the Empire of Japan.

For this feature, we’ve selected various maps in the European theatre. On the Western Front, we have many maps of France, which was defeated by Nazi Germany in 1940 and resulted in the occupation of northern France. Depicted are the movements of armies from Allied countries across western Europe, aiming for liberation of occupied territories and victory over the Axis powers. Air warfare was a core element of the war, utilizing strategic bombing to disrupt industry and politics instead of aiming only for military targets. In our collection, we have a map of Berlin showing the effects of air raids, marking buildings that remained intact and those that were damaged in the bombings.

In the Pacific theatre, Japan implemented strategic bombing as well, mostly targeting civilian populations. The United States officially entered the Pacific War after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The U.S. published a collection of posters and news maps that provided information on the status of the war and on the enemy. They were distributed to the U.S. military and war production facilities, and production lasted from 1942 to the end of the war.

Come to the Map Collection and look for this sign:


Title: World War II : Europe and North Africa [and] Asia and the Pacific

by National Geographic Society (U.S.). Cartographic Division. Garver, John B., Jr.; Graves, William.; Barry, Cynthia M. (1991)

Call Number: MAP G3201.S7 1991 .N2

Title: The air war in Europe, U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II, 1941-1945 ; The air war in the Pacific, U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II, 1941-1945

Author not given (1993?)

Call Number: MAP G3201.S7 1993 .A4

Title: Newsmap

by United States. Army. Orientation Course (1942-46)

Call Number: MAP G3201.S7 s40000 .U6  [multiple sheets]

{A staff favorite!}

Title: Carte des camps et autres lieux de detention nazis

by Institut Géographique National, Belgium (2009)

Call Number: MAP G5701.F86 2009 .I4

Title: Our America, backgrounds and development. European area in World War II, 1939-1945

by Denoyer-Geppert Company (1968)

Call Number: MAP G5701.S7 1968 .D3 Rolled Wall Map

Title: Die militärischen operationen in Europa, 1939-1945 = The military operations in Europe 1939-1945

by Kümmerly + Frey (1970?)

Call Number: MAP G5701.S7 1970 .T8

Title: Sinclair news map of Europe and the Near East

by Rand McNally and Company. Sinclair Oil Corporation (1941?)

Call Number: MAP G5701.S8 1941 .R3

Title: Newsmap : The Rhine

by United States. Army Information Branch (1945)

Call Number: MAP G5702.R5S7 1944 .N3

Title: D Day, 6 6 44 = 6 6 44, Jour Jf

by Institut Géographique National, France (1984)

Call Number: MAP G5831.S7 1944 .F7

Title: Bataille de Normandie juin-août 1944

by Pneu Michelin (1984)

Call Number: MAP G5831.S7 1944 .M4

Title: Voie de la liberté = Road to liberty

by Pneu Michelin (1992)

Call Number: MAP G5831.S7 1947 .P6 1992

Title: St Aubin Sword & Juno beaches 1944

by Alan Godfrey Maps. Painter, A. A.  (2004)

Call Number: MAP G5833.N7S7 1944 .A52

Title: Ouistreham, Pegasus Bridge 1944

by Alan Godfrey Maps. Painter, A. A. (2004)

Call Number: MAP G5833.N7S7 1944 .A525

Title: Assault map 1:2,500 ; [Omaha Beach map]

Author not given (1944)

Call Number: MAP G5833.N7S7 1944 .A8

Title: Armée belge, campagne de mai 1940 (10 au 28 mai). Carte général des fortifications permanentes, des positions occupées, des emplacements successifs des divisions, et des itinéraires suivis

by Belgium. Forces armées. Service historique. Bikar, A.; Vanderleyden, J. M. (1968)

Call Number: MAP G6011.S7 1940 .B3

Title: Belgisch Leger – Mobilisatie van 1939-1940 : Opstelling op 7 Mei 1940 te 12 u 30 (Vooralarm) en bewegingen tot 10 Mei om 4 u 35 (duitsche aanval)

by Institut Géographique Militaire, Belgium (1968)

Call Number: MAP G6011.S7 1940 .B32

Title: Berlin, Allied intelligence map of key buildings : Reich Government, NSDAP, police … prisons

by Great Britain. War Office. General Staff. Geographical Section. Great Britain. Royal Air Force. Central Intelligence Unit (1990)

Call Number: MAP G6299.B3S7 1944 .G7 1990

Title: Russia in Europe

by Deutsche Informationsstelle (1942)

Call Number: MAP G6965 1942 .D3

Title: U.S.S.R. Western Front

Author not given (1942)

Call Number: MAP G6965 1942 .U8

Title: Pacific area in World War II, 1941-1945

by Wesley, Edgar Bruce, Denoyer-Geppert Company (197-?)

Call Number: MAP G9231.S7 1970 .W3 Rolled Wall Map

Title: Iwo Jima

by United States. Army. 64th Engr. Top. Bn. (1945)

Call Number: MAP G9242.I8 1945 .U5

Title: Southwest Pacific

by United States. Bureau of Naval Personnel. Educational Services Section (1944)

Call Number: MAP G9251.S7 1944 .U6

Title: Battlefield map of Saipan – 1944 Japanese mandated islands

by Stewart, William H., Economic Service Counsel Inc. (1986)

Call Number: MAP G9412.S3S7 1944 .S8

Map Collection: Location and Hours

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Post created by Dawn Collings and Jeanelle Wan.


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