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Special Collections, Mr. Spud

Happy ITLAP Day!

Ahoy landlubbers, today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Now is the time to throw some pirate talk into yer everyday conversations.  It can be as simple as “Arrrr ye serious” or rather complex such as the language used in the below passage from Charles Selby’s The Pirates of Putney: A Nautical Extravaganza, in one act

TOM. (without, c.) Back your taupsel, you Parfleet porpoise,
and bring up short, or I’ll run aboard of you.
Enter TOM TITTLEBAT up stairs into balcony, c.
Hollo ! old spigot and faucet, how are you my buck o’

If interested in learning about the actual lives of pirates be sure to check out this pirate bibliography held in Special Collections.  Philip Gosse, My pirate library…With an introductory note by Sir Edmund Gosse, 1926. If ye be interested in learnin’ more about International Talk Like a Pirate day check out the official website. So brush up on yer pirate talk and me hearty, a fine gentleman of fortune ye shall be.

Cap'n Spud

Cap’n Spud


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